In business since 2001, Global Financial Inc. began as a mortgage brokerage firm that focused primarily on loan origination. Throughout our successful venture in the mortgage industry, we had the privilege of developing relationships with several banking and lending institutions and being introduced to different aspects of this arena.

Having been privy to the secondary market activity and the increasing amount of distressed mortgages being offered for sale at heavily discounted prices, in 2007, GFI created its first fund and turned its focus onto the acquisition of non-performing residential loans.

With such a vast amount non-performing loans in the marketplace, it became very apparent that finding the most suitable assets to meet our specific acquisition parameters would be a lofty task. Consequently, Global Financial Group was formed in 2008 as a consultancy division whose core business is to source and market distressed real estate opportunities for our investors and clients across the globe.

Global Financial Group specializes in providing clients with first class acquisition and disposition opportunities in the distressed asset arena. With offices in both New York and Montreal, GFG’s scope is vast and far-reaching. Our primary goal is to build a network of relationships within which our clients and partners can grow symbiotically.

The key to our success has been simplifying the acquisition process. Through our own experiences acquiring asset, it became very apparent that the information we were receiving was either inaccurate or fictitious. Finding qualified opportunities became a very time consuming and exhausting process that grew increasingly frustrating with time.

Our mandate is SIMPLE; to facilitate the process of acquiring discounted distressed real estate and debt, and to create a transparent working atmosphere where direct communication can be had on all fronts between buyers and sellers.
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